How to Push Applications on a Blackberry 10 device

In this guide I will explain how to push application on a BB 10 device using Blackberry 10 Administration console. This would explain application push by choosing .bar file which is a custom or in-house app or Publishing an App from Blackberry World.

First and Foremost.

1. Login to the BES admin console page with the service account or an administratorr account assigned for BES 10.

2. Under Blackberry solution management, Expand Software—–Applications and click Add or update applications.

3. Click choose file.


4. Browse to the location where you have stored you .bar file.

5. Once the File is selected click on Next


Also remember the folder on which the application is ketp should be added on Blackberry Administration Service shared Network drive

The folder path should be in a UNC format //servername/share and the besadmin should have full rights on the folder.



6. Click on Publish Application



7. Next step is to create a software configuration and assign the newly created Application to it.


8. Click on Manage Software configurations and then on the Name of the application.


9. Click on Applications tab and then Edit Software Configuration


10. Next step is to click on Add applications to software configuration


11. Select the Application name that we just added and select the Disposition as Optional. Optional would have the application listed under Blackberry App world- Work. Click on Add to software configuration


12. Click on Save All


13. At this point we have Published and in-house enterprise Application and have assigned a software configuration to it. Next we would create a Group and add the software configuration to it so the users needed access to this application can be added simply to the group.


14. Click on Name of the Group you created.


15. Click on Software Configuration and Edit Group.


16. Select the Application Software configuration name and Click on Add. This will list the Application on the Current Software Configuration as shown belo. Hit Save All


17. At this point we have created a New Group and assigned the software configuration to it.

To Publish an Application from Blackberry World

1. Click on Add Blackberry World applications and enter the url of the Application


2. The url can be found on the Blackberry app world store. In the below example we will be taking Enterprise IM as an example to push via BES admin console. Copy the link from the browser.


3. Paste the link on Blackberry World URL and click Next


4. In case you get the below error you are not selecting 1 Blackberry 10 supported Application. Go to the Blackberry app world and select the correct app.


5. Once the correct application link is pated you will see the Application name. Click on Publish Application


Repeat the Steps from point 7 on the above guide and follow the exact same steps as we did for publishing an in-house

Enjoy and feel free to post your comments and suggestions.